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The Jaybird Project

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Our Story

The Jaybird Project was founded in memory of my husband, Jack (Jay) Bryant, Jr.  Jay was lovingly known to his family and friends as "Jaybird."  We were married for twenty-seven years when the Lord unexpectedly called him home in January 2021.  Let's just say I wasn't prepared.  He was with me on a Sunday morning; then, he was gone.  Just like that, everything changed. 


There are so many things I miss about him.  I miss simply holding his hand.  We always held hands: riding in the car, watching TV, and at night before falling asleep.  I know that may seem odd or weird to some, but "that was us."  Oh, how I miss "us"!  


The feeling of being alone at times is unbearable.  I longed to hold his hand just so I wouldn't feel alone, so my son helped me make a flexible hand using one of his old golf gloves.  Jay's hand stays with me all the time.  Sometimes I drive while holding it, and other times I sleep holding his hand.  His hand comforts me and gives me the feeling I am not "doing life" alone. 

God then showed me that "the hand" was not only Jay's hand but also His hand, my Father's.  He lovingly reminded me that He was holding me in His hand during this challenging time of loss, sadness, loneliness, and grief. 


The Jaybird Project was founded with God's grace and patience.  It's a simple, beautiful way to remind us that God has a plan.  He is always with us, holding on to us even in our dark and difficult times.  The soft, flexible hand from The Jaybird Project is a simple reminder that we are not alone in our times of need.

Peace, love, & prayers,

Tanya Bryant

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